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Fort Mill School District
The Fort Mill School District is geographically one of the smallest in the state but has the fastest growing student population, serving more than 14,500 students in 16 schools. Though the district is rapidly growing, the schools remain the heart of the town, providing a quality education for students while also playing an integral role in enhancing community life. The school district contributes to the quality of life in Fort Mill by providing exceptional academic programs for its students and opportunities for community entertainment and enrichment through its arts and athletic programs.
School Reviews
Riverview Elementary School
“While the numbers of students and teachers at Riverview may change, one thing will always remain the same: our commitment to providing a high-quality education for all children in a loving, positive atmosphere. Whether you have been here since we opened in 2001 or are just joining us, you are now a part of the Riverview family.  We are so glad you are here!
Annette Chinchilla, Principal
Angie Padillo, Assistant Principal 
Pleasant Knoll Middle School
Knighthawk Family,
I hope that all of our families had a wonderful summer! As many of you know, we completed our inaugural year as a school in the Fort Mill School District last year. We were so happy to have the opportunity to open this beautiful school. We are excited to welcome all of our students, parents, and teachers back for another great school year at PKMS.
I have seen first-hand the supportive parent and community base that helps serve the needs of our students and staff members. I am thrilled to continue that partnership with you throughout this school year. I believe that the partnership with parents and the community plays a large role in the success of our students.
We look forward to continuing to build on the culture that we have started at PKMS and we also look forward to meeting the emotional, social, and academic needs of all of our students. We will continue to support our vision at PKMS... "As a community of learners, our vision is to strive to create a safe environment focused on high achievement through a rigorous curriculum and student/teacher engagement. We work to instill a sense of community and positive citizenship while encouraging our students to SOAR in STEAM initiatives and college/career readiness."
If you have any questions or concerns, please email me ( or call at 803-835-3770.  Again, I am excited for our second year at PKMS. 
Together in Education,
Grey Young Principal
Fort Mill High School
“I passionately believe that education is neither a business nor a job, but rather a life’s calling for those that want to improve the world by shaping future generations.  I am so grateful for the amazing students, teachers, parents, and community members that make up the Yellow Jacket Universe.  I believe we offer a world-class education and a vibrant school culture that is truly second to none.  I am so proud of our students and their accomplishments.  I love our school and our community, and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to serve the greatest school in the world—Fort Mill High School.  Go Jackets!
We Are…Fort Mill!
Sincerely, Gales Scroggs