Sutton Place HOA
ARC Process
Sutton Place Homeowners Association, Inc.
Request for Architectural Approval
Please read and follow these instructions carefully:
  1. Complete the Architectural Change Request Form
    • Fill out all required information
    • In the detailed description include:
      • Location (front yard, back yard, side of the house, roof, etc.)
      • Size (width, height, and length)
      • Color (i.e. deck: brown, patio: gray, shutters: black, etc.) 
      • Materials to be used  (i.e. deck: wood, patio: brick, door: wood, etc.)
      • Contractor information (if applicable)
  2. Attach any plans or drawings.  You may submit multiple requests as long as you attach multiple drawings. However, if one of the items is not approved the entire request will not be approved. 
  3. Official documents (property survey, etc) are not necessary, and hand-drawing will suffice.
  4. If you are requesting a change to a structure such the plans need to include an elevation view and both side views of the structure. You may fill out the Architectural Change Request Form online or mail your request to:
First Choice Property Management, Inc.
527 North Avenue, Rock Hill, SC 29732
Attn: Sutton Place Architectural Review Committee
Please note:
  • To place an outdoor storage structure you will need to provide both the Structure and Landscaping request at the same time.
  • Submissions of the form authorize the HOA and the ARC to visually inspect your property and take pictures for its own use.
  • The committee reserves the right to request additional information to clarify the requests.
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for the approval process to be completed and may require additional time if questions concerning the project arise.