Sutton Place HOA
The Architectural Review Committee
The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for overseeing the overall appearance of our neighborhood in accordance with our Covenants and Restrictions. 
Remember: All exterior changes or new construction must have prior approval!  
Overview of the Sutton Place Covenants and Restrictions
Below is a list of the key items (but not all inclusive) set forth in the Sutton Place Covenants and Restrictions that require the approval of the Sutton Place Architectural Review Committee prior to changes being made on your property.
Please contact the ARC if you would like to:
  • Add a satellite dish on the exterior of the home
  • Change the color of your house, trim, shutters, roof, etc.
  • Construct, modify, or extend decks, patios, screened porches, walkways, and driveways.
  • Add a retractable awning Construct a dog house
  • Add a garbage enclosure
  • Add an addition to your house, such as a room, garage, or deck (or expand deck), etc.
  • Install a fence. Only picket or metal wrought iron fences are permitted in Sutton Place
  • Add or change any hardscape on your property including patios, driveway expansions, retaining walls, etc. Install play equipment that is not a pre-assembled model (metal sets are not permitted)
  • Install a statue Install solar panels (For more information on solar access laws view A Guide to Solar Access Laws: Solar Resource Guide and/ or South Carolina: Solar Resource Guide. 
When submitting your building or project plans to the ARC for review please include blueprints or detailed building plans, a plot plan (if available), and a drawing of how your addition or project will fit on your property. Also, please supply samples and/or brochures of all building materials and paint colors you would like to use.
Additional by-laws are overseen by the ARC but not limited to:
  • Recreational vehicles, campers, boats, and trailers must be kept in the garage except temporarily in preparation for use or repair if such a period does not exceed forty-eight (48) hours.
  • Please store your trash and recycling bin in your garage or in a fashion that is not visible from the street or your neighbor's property. The HOA has some suggestions depending on your property layout that are acceptable.
  • Residents are required to mow, weed, and edge their yards as necessary throughout the seasons of the year to present a neat and uniform look to the neighborhood. All yard trimmings should be cleaned up from the sidewalk, driveway, and road.
  • Class A sheds require final approval from the ARC Curbside Parking is not permitted anytime, except for the occasional overflow parking. Overflow parking should not extend overnight.
  • Overflow parking should not become a pattern of parking in the street as determined by the HOA as this creates unsafe conditions in our narrow streets for passing school buses and children at play.
  • Trees and brush in the common area are not allowed to be removed without HOA approval.
All architectural guidelines can be found in the Sutton Place Architectural Guidelines
Thank you for your help and consideration!
The Sutton Place Architectural Review Committee